Mekong Delta

Je descends du car. Je vais au bastingage. Je regarde le fleuve. Ma mère me dit quelquefois que jamais, de ma vie entière, je ne reverrai des fleuves aussi beaux que ceux-là, aussi grands, aussi sauvages, le Mékong et ses bras qui descendent vers les océans, ces territoires d’eau qui vont aller disparaître dans les … More Mekong Delta

Sài Gòn Traffic

Just to give you an idea of what traffic is like here. Taken on a Sunday evening on a fairly large but not a main avenue (Phan Đăng Lưu near Phú Nhuận Intersection). We were standing on a sidewalk in this video.

Taste of Vietnam

You must have noticed that we are not posting daily trip updates anymore. Like Brandon said in the previous post, things have slowed down for us, we’re not out running around all day, everyday. Here’s what we’ve been up to: My cousin Bê and I went on errands to take care of wedding stuff. These … More Taste of Vietnam

Signage of Japan

We are going to do a series of posts that will feature a lot pictures that did not make the daily trip reports. Enjoy these random signs that we saw on the way.               And, finally…

Day 4.5 & 5 – Sulfurous Volcano Baths, Black Eggs, and Japanese Pirates, Oh My!

After the Kyoto train ticket sticker shock moment, we stopped at a Café Beck in the train station to regroup. Consulting the guide book, we boiled our options down to two choices: Nikko, a place where we could hike around visiting temples and shrines, or Hakone, a mountainous area with hot springs situated between Tokyo … More Day 4.5 & 5 – Sulfurous Volcano Baths, Black Eggs, and Japanese Pirates, Oh My!