City of lost kings, Huế

We finally arrived in Huế in the late afternoon and were ravenous. We found a place to eat then walked around after dark. Unfortunately I didn’t take many good photos of this part, including the part where Matt and Brandon were propositioned by cycle rickshaw drivers for “number one ladies for boom boom” and of course, some drugs.

Brandon and Matt enjoying a cool one after a long ride. But not before Matt found a hotel very funny.
Bánh bột lọc and bánh nậm, specialty of Huế.

The next morning we rose and went sightseeing at many different royal tombs and the Imperial City. We had rented another private car so we could also visit my grandfather’s grave at the end of the day. For those who don’t know, every though I was born in Sài Gòn, both of my parents are from Huế. Unhurried, majestic, romantic Huế.

Hue_4 Hue_5 Hue_6 Hue_7 Hue_8 Hue_9

The kings and queens and their servants are long gone. I walked down this very pathway imagining their footsteps echoing from beyond the time.
Much of the Imperial City was destroyed during the war and the rest crumbled under the passage of time.

Hue_12 Hue_13 Hue_14 Hue_15

Thiên Mụ Pagoda

Hue_17 Hue_18 Hue_19 Hue_20 Hue_21My maternal grandfather was a musician teacher. He passed away shortly after the Tết offensive of ’68 and was buried in Huế. I feel sad thinking of how far away his children and grandchildren are; we can rarely visit him. Sylvie was humming a song he wrote as we cleaned up around his grave and burnt incense for him.
Hue_22 Hue_23 Hue_24


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