By Way of Ocean Cloud Pass: Hải Vân

After Nha Trang Brandon and I flew to Đà Nẵng to meet up with Matt and Sylvie to continue our way up north. We had several hours to spend in the city so we visited the Đà Nẵng Museum of Champ Sculptures in city centre. (A quick history of Champa: it was an Indic civilization that flourished along the coasts of what is now central and southern Vietnam for roughly a one thousand year period between 500 AD and 1500 AD.) There was an abundance of sculptures and they were very interesting to look at.

Da Nang_1da nang da nang 3 da nang 2After we got picked up literally on the side of the road by Matt and Sylvie’s car service we trekked the 120 km to Huế via Hải Vân Pass. Historically the pass was a physical division between the kingdoms of Champa, mentioned above and what was Vietnam back then. Hải Vân Pass got its name from the mists that usually cover the pass, thus making it look like an ocean of cloud.
Hai Van-2Hai Van-4
Trung Hai Van-3Hai Van-1 Hai Van-5 Hai Van-6 Hai Van-7 Hai Van-8 Hai Van-9


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