Made in Japan

We wish we had more time (and money) to shop and eat everything seen here.


099094395IMG_0053IMG_0052IMG_0058IMG_0183IMG_0059338387  392397274

IMG_0057IMG_0046IMG_0097IMG_0096IMG_0159IMG_0048IMG_0160IMG_0040IMG_0100IMG_0089             IMG_0086IMG_0100IMG_0101360


6 thoughts on “Made in Japan

  1. The toys look awesome and do are the food. How is the quality of the toys? Good details? OMG, I want to eat everything that you posted so far…ackacksxk

    1. We loved the food, obviously. And how easy it is to get around within the city (we’re big fans of public transportation)! The city is so clean and orderly for its size. And the people are so polite and civil.

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